Learning And Talent Development For Asset Managers And Advisors

The555 asset management and financial advisory industries rely on employee skills to meet the needs of both individual and institutional clients. Team learning and talent development is, therefore, a critical task if firms hope to succeed in raising and retaining assets and meeting profitability targets. In this Q&A, Kudu Investment Management’s Lee Beck, Tracey Wik from GrowthPlay, and J.P. Morgan’s Anne Devlin and discuss the key challenges and opportunities posed by learning and talent development today and in the future.

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The Disruption in Asset Management Distribution: A Q&A discussion between Kudu Investment Management and Envestnet

The asset management industry, like so many of its counterparts, is going through severe disruption. Key to this change is distribution, and particularly the evolution from a sales-led to a marketing-led philosophy.

Three catalysts are behind this shift; technology, client demands, and value pricing, with technology playing an outsized role. The biggest disruptor to our industry in the past 30 years has been technology, or more specifically Google, which has changed everything by providing transparency into traditionally protected business models, client behavior and pricing. The result is increased pressure on strategy, structure, margins and organic growth.

In this Q&A, Kudu Investment Management managing partner Lee Beck and Envestnet | PMC group president James K. Patrick IV offer their perspectives on trends that are changing how asset management distribution operates. With asset manager margins under pressure and competition increasing, evolving distribution through disruption is a critical task.

FundFire reported that one large asset manager employs some 40 data scientists and software engineers at their technology center. They started the center last year to improve how the firm targets institutional prospects and advisors. How do you think increasing use of technology and artificial intelligence will disrupt asset management distribution?

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