Kudu provides asset and wealth managers worldwide with permanent capital solutions tailored to their specific needs, including: ownership transfer, partner liquidity, management buyouts, and acquisition/growth finance. Kudu also offers a range of business services to help its partners expand while remaining independent.

Kudu’s capital partner is White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd. (NYSE: WTM)




Kudu structures its passive investments to keep the majority of equity in the hands of the principals. Principals continue to run and control their businesses.



Kudu does not dictate liquidity requirements, thereby minimizing disruption to client and consultant relationships.



Kudu’s managing partners will assist in developing a growth strategy tailored to a firm’s offerings.



Kudu’s investments can be permanent or designed to revert equity to management after a term.


Like the markets they serve, the needs of asset managers and wealth advisors are complex and fast-changing. This flux creates challenges – but also opportunities for nimble players. Kudu is prepared to respond with speed and flexibility. The three catalysts disrupting the traditional models are:

  • 1

  • Technology

    It’s powerful and inexpensive

  • 2

  • Distribution

    Investors want more customized service

  • 3

  • Product

    Clients demand greater flexibility

The Kudu toolset — both capital and guidance — is geared to help boutique firms thrive in this new environment. Kudu’s capital solutions are tailored to help managers reach the next level of growth and profitability.


San Francisco-based wealth manager (Kudu partner since October 2018)

Strategy: Wealth Management
Kudu investment: December 2018
Exit: November 2021

Strategy: Multi-Strategy
Kudu investment: Nov. 2020

Strategy: Emerging Markets
Kudu investment: March 2020

Strategy: Large Cap Core Equity &
Wealth Management
Kudu investment: Sept. 2021

Strategy: Alternative Credit
Kudu investment: July 2019

Strategy: Opportunistic Credit/Equity
Kudu investment: August 2022

Strategy: CLO Debt/Equity
Kudu investment: February 2019

Strategy: Wealth Management
Kudu investment: July 2019

Strategy: Wealth Management
Kudu investment: July 2022

Strategy: Emerging Markets
Kudu investment: June 2022

Strategy: Small Cap Equities
Kudu investment: Nov. 2021

Strategy: Private Real Estate
Kudu investment: Dec. 2019

Strategy: Alternative Credit
Kudu investment: Dec. 2021

Strategy: Small Cap Equities
Kudu investment: Dec. 2020

Strategy: Private Real Estate
Kudu investment: July 2018

Strategy: Wealth Management
Kudu investment: June 2020

Strategy: Private Credit
Kudu investment: Sept. 2021

Strategy: Multi-Strategy
Kudu investment: October 2018
Exit: January 2023

Strategy: Alternative Credit
Kudu investment: January 2023

Strategy: Multi-Manager Real Assets
Kudu investment: March 2019
Exit: June 2022

Strategy: Distressed
Kudu investment: July 2019

Strategy: Small Cap Core Equity
Kudu investment: June 2015

Strategy: Large Cap Core Equity
Kudu investment: June 2015
Exit: December 2021

Note: Champlain Investment Partners and WestEnd Advisors investments are or were previously managed on behalf of a third party investor. This list reflects all investments made to date; some firms may have subsequently exited.